L/B Crystal


CRYSTAL, a sultry 23 year old 6” uncut Thai Ladyboy is discreet, professional and provides a quality service that is just right for 1st timers and beginners.  She is also perfect for those who have previously enjoyed a walk on the wild side offering special extra treats including BBBJ.  She is a curvy size 10, stands 165cm tall and has a natural B cup bust.  Crystal is both top and bottom and either active, submissive or both if you want to be thoroughly spoilt.  She is a delightfully sexy lady ready to satisfy your appetite with a sublime experience.  Come and enjoy what Crystal can do for you – your dreams, desires, fantasies slowly and seductively fulfilled.



Signed Management

Person’s Name : Crystal

Establishment : 645 Princes Highway Blakehurst
Date of Visit : 28 Dec 2016
Contact Details/Address/Weblink : ?http://sydney.backpage.com.au/TranssexualEscorts/sultry-sexy-discreet-thai-ladyboy-crystal-come-see-what-i-can-do-for-you/25099502
Hours of Business : vary, need to check web site 645 Blakehurst
Rates : I chose 45 Mins $160
Age : says 23 in ad
Size/shape : nice figure, reasonably tall
Nationality or Ethnicity : Thai
Services Provided : Full and BBBJ

Value for money/recommend? : Yes, it was a very nice first time experience with Crystal

My experience/comments :

I had wanted to drop into the place at Blakehurst for a while and an opportunity came up so I took it. Rostered on that day was only one ‘ladyboy’ (I prefer to say tgirl) Crystal. Normally I like choice if I go to a parlour or to visit one of my favourites but I was quite happy when I met her, she had a good figure, was dressed in nice black lingerie and is reasonably tall.
After a short shower I met Crystal in the room and she immediately started with some nice touching and teasing. Onto the bed and she took me for a BBBJ in her nice warm mouth and flicked her tongue on the head on my cock. I just relaxed into the feeling and almost forgot to return the favour but I remembered myself and asked her to 69 with me and we spent 5-10 mins sucking on each other.
Crystal’s tgirl clitty is about 6″ and is good to suck on, she got hard but not rock hard and I hoped she could still get hard enough to fuck me. In Crystal’s mouth I was rock hard and was tempted to slide her onto her back and fuck her but decided that wanted to feel her inside me for this visit.
I need not have worried though, Crystal was hard enough to fuck me and after I lay on my back, she slipped on a condom, lubed her clitty and then lubed me up as well and slid first one finger and then two inside me rubbing the lube on the inside of my ass. Then she asked me to lift and spread my legs as she knelt on the bed and moved herself into position, she grabbed my legs near the ankles and held my legs apart and pushed inside.
My ass opened easily for her clitty, her clitty is not huge and I was nicely prepared, having cleaned myself out with a nice warm water enema earlier, she slid in easily and sank into me and then started sliding in and out and building up a nice rhythm.
She asked me if I was ok and I told he she felt great inside me and should feel free to fuck me as vigorously as she wanted. Ask and you shall receive and she started slapping against me with her thrusts, very nice I didn’t cum from being fucked by Crystal (which I like to do if I can manage it from the stimulation of the clitty fucking me) but it was very nice all the same.
After a while Crystal grabbed my cock asked if I wanted to cum. Its nice to have your cock wanted while you are being fucked but I told her I would like to cum but inside her instead. Its not always possible in a 45 min session but Crystal agreed, pulled out of me, took off the condom on her clitty and slipped one on me instead.
After lubing her tgirl pussy I asked her to lie on her side and I spooned her from behind and slid into her. Crystal raised a leg to give me better access (and a great view of her shapely ass) and I sank into her all the way. Aroused as I was I didn’t last long but kept fucking her for a little while longer as she seemed to like it.
Afterwards we just lay on the bed and chatted a bit, I then cleaned up and went on my way.
Crystal has a nice manner and her service was very good. I would recommend her for anyone wanting to try a tgirl, I think 1st timers would also be comfortable with her as she has an easy way about her.