L/B Nicky

Nicky is a captivating 21 year old pre-op, passive/submissive Thai Ladyboy with silky, long brown hair and deep brown eyes that offer an invitation that is hard to refuse. She stands a very elegant 168cm tall, weighs a petite 49kg and has a soft delicately tinted complexion.  Her size 5 figure and perky A cup bust are perfectly proportioned and just for your enjoyment.   NICKY is extremely feminine and offers a girlfriend experience that is something special, something different.  She will explore all your hidden fantasies in a discreet and seductive environment.  A stunning lady, a welcoming smile, a private place and a fantasy fulfilled – intoxicating.

Nicky’S RATES are 30 minutes $125 -,- 45 minutes $160 -,- 60 minutes $200



Signed Management

Nicky – LB 645 Blakehurst

Establishment : 645 Blakehurst

Date of Visit : Anzac weekend April 2016
Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Nicky – 645 Blakehurst
Hours of Business : early till late
Rates : 200p/h
Age : 21
Size/shape : slim / 6
Nationality or Ethnicity : Thai
Services Provided : BBBJ/ FS
Value for money/recommend? : Yes
My experience/comments :
Hey Pals
It was time for adventure and little Bill was after some risqué action, not the standard fare you usually get during R&R. There was a bit more cash to burn on this outing and I’d sourced what seemed to be a some hot intelligence down in Kogarah by the name of Lilly: TRANS – Lily in Kogarah – Sydney escorts – cracker.com.au , but on further inspection turned out to be the mutton and not the lamb.
Unperturbed by the atrocity I’d just witnessed it was time to put plan B into action. Always have a plan B. You don’t wanna be found with ya pants down getting dropping into a hot LZ attracting unfriendly fire. Nobody deserves that, son.
Contact was duly established with 645 Blakehurst and out of the two Lima Bravo’s on duty that night, Nicky was available at the requested time.
Traffic was fairly light that evening and it wasn’t long before I was walking down the carpeted hallway following the mamasan to the allocated boudoir. Hell, I’ve been to some darn fleaholes in my time and it was nice to step into a clean, well made-up room. Not the standard I have my boys squaring away back at HQ, but pretty darn good all the same. I showered, and while standing towelling off in front of the wall mirrors I decided to stop eating that damn fried rice. Or drink less beer. It’s probably the rice…
A few minutes had passed before Nicky knocked on the door and I was laid out on the bed by this time. Well, shit. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the images on their website but when she walked in… god damn, that tight little ass. Long hair, cute face, soft voice – hell, I know a lot of boys who’d fall for that shit.
Nicky was wearing black lingerie and we took it off to reveal her little bee sting buds, she then went to shower. I lay back down on the bed with a now half loaded semi-automatic until she returned, dried off and lay down beside me. We kissed, she wrapped her body around mine and in my mind I was throwing a canister of green smoke into the clearing, announcing a friendly LZ to myself.
Nicky’s request to take little Bill into her mouth was met with no resistance at all. God it felt good. She curled up beside me on the bed and dipped her head down onto now what felt like a fully loaded M16. ‘This is my rifle….’
Her legs stayed together all this time, my roaming hand lightly fingering her asshole and cupping those buttcheeks of hers. Nicky continued the drill inspection of the outside of my shaft with her mouth, and gave the nozzle and sight a good licking too. She climbed back on top of me which gave me the opportunity to reach down and see what she had concealed while I gave her little buds a good workout.
Nicky is very responsive and although she started getting hard during this, she’s also very passive and preferred for the action to be focused on my cock not hers. Damn, ain’t arguing with that, little lady… no sir.
On her suggestion that her sweet arse needed a fucking, I poncho’d up and with a liberal spreading of ‘Wet Stuff’ around her foxhole I slowly eased in as her arms held me. We fucked deep, slow and meaningfully, in lots of positions. We checked ourselves out in the mirrors several times. Fucking her from behind i gently pulled her towards me so our bodies met and we DFk’d and fucked some more.
I lay her down on her back. That’s when it happened. Fuck, was I having a flashback? I was staring down at someone else.
There’s some angles you don’t want to see your lover from. Hell, I guess I don’t look to swell when I’m on top. One time me ‘n the boys were taking a group selfie in my Huey to send back to their sweethearts when my pilot Donnie Pambrose, the best there is I may add, banked sharply making me drop my phone. Bending over to pick it up, my face stared back at me from the screen. For a moment I saw a damn horrifying glimpse of what I must look like in that position. All red faced and veiny. I thought of all the poor WL’s that had gone through the same harrowing trauma and vowed to myself never fuck in that position again for their sake…if I remembered.
Where was I? Oh yeah. I guess there’s certain positions whilst fucking a ladyboy when all the surgery in the world won’t hide the real truth. Now laying with her head on the pillow, looking up at me, were faint reminders and contours of who she used to be.
I snapped out of it. Damn, no need to get introspective now Kilgore! Get a grip man. This poor girl has your cock up her arse and there’s no time for weakness. I pulled out, and gently swung her torso around so her legs rolled to the side so I could fuck her hole. Hell, you boys have a name for everything – reverse-this and cow-that… Dang. I call it plain ‘ole fucking. I love the smell of fucking in the morning… ain’t quite nothing like it.
We got up a fair rhythm with both of us going for it. What a wonderful sight. With one in the chamber I withdrew, went natural and exploded all on her ass and body.
We showered individually and made small talk on the bed together afterwards. As she put her tiny outfit on again I cupped her ass cheeks with my hands and had one final squeeze. She mentioned her ass was too small. Just ain’t no pleasing these god-damn women!…
Over ‘n Out.

thanks Col Kilgore