Maya is a gorgeous size 6, 45kg, 158cm Thai whose caring and loving nature will slowly take you on a trip to paradise.  Her delicate hands and heavenly figure offer an experience to dream about – a seduction you can’t resist.  24 year old Maya with her long luscious brown hair and slumberous brown eyes will charm you and leave you breathless – a girlfriend experience with a touch of pizzazz.



Signed Management

Maya sweet horny thai

Date of Visit : 23/12/2016

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 645 princess hwy blakehurst 02 9546 8542.
Hours of Business : 12 till late.
Rates : $140 hour december special
Age : 24
Size/shape : size 8 slim b cups
Nationality or Ethnicity : thai
Services Provided : daty cbj fs
Value for money/recommend? : yes

My experience/comments : Maya’s photo’s have had me itching to see her for awhile but things aligned and made a booking.
I was just drying off whem Maya entered the room and paused with us both looking at each other somewhat stunned.
We knew each but could not work out where we had met.
Maya started with a catbath and tackle play before applying the dom for a pretty skilled cbj.
After a few minutes laid maya on her back for a reverse catbath slowly moving down for daty with maya enjoying this and muffling her moans.
Started fucking in mish getting a good pace going.
Then moved onto cowgirl with a mixture of hip grinding and fast riding and close body contact.
Moved onto spooning with me tweaking maya’snipples and holding onto her pert b cups.
Last possie was very enthusiastic doggie from both of us.
The whole time while fucking mays she was muffling her moans.
Finished with a hj on her tits as i was having trouble backing up from my punt the day before.
We both showered and spent the last ten minutes chatting trying to figure out how we knew each other.
Maya has very good english and a great attitude.
I will be back in the near future.
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Re: Maya Thai

trashhammer » Fri Oct 28, 2016 8:38 pm

I liked this girl, intelligent Uni standard girl, and as usuuual with Thai girls, a great little shapely rubbery booty , but best thing was she had a very nice little rig , all shaved and loved daty and g-spot stim a hell of a lot. She was so appreciative I spent a fair portion of the session on her clit, and she ended up pulling at my hair to keep the action on her.

About, half way thru 30 mins , she got into cowgirl, and wiggled away at same time tickling the jewels like an expert massage girl I know does. Rakes your balls lightly with nails, which builds up the load.
To finish, and I left for last , cos Thai booties rip it out me in a few minutes, whether i like it or not. Luckily timed it well for 30 min download. Whew! Took a bit outa me , so question is as I put his review up on my tablet … Can I manage the blonde K-doll I just saw go off for 45 with a customer. This time brought extra funds with me , didnt wanna have a repeat of last time, when I saw Sophie had returned to the shop.

Maya, nice rack btw , B+ and nice muscle tone and nipples. No tatts, cbj good with double handed ball tickle , just right. Some girls don’t get the nails pressure right , but she does. Boss said she just does Fridays at the moment.

Maya Thai

Postby bender » Sat Oct 08, 2016 9:49 pm

Tried Thai Maya today, very tasty body shape, slim and feminine, sexy lingerie and perfect hair, perfectly proportioned little sex goddess, started off with a covered suck before jumping on board for the main event, Maya seems into it from the beginning, I guess she loves her work, not the tightest pussy ever but who cares, it was fully shaven and fantastic, later a bit of shoulder rub and chat finished off an ideal session, her huge Thai sense of humour shines through, what a pleasure to spend time with one of their aces at blakehurst, and with western management these rooms are user friendly too. Another tip here is Lexxi apparently her BBBJ is off the chart.
645 Blakehurst Maya – My First AR

Hi brothers, I am new to this forum and this is my first after report. Since I come from China, so please forgive my poor English.

Today I was actually feeling a bit sick, but still feel horny as hell, though I jerked about 10 times last 2 or 3 days. After reading a thread about RnT last night, I was planning to try out a massage shop at Carlton station. So took a shower, got my new delay spray stud 100 on my little head (as I have serious PE problem, I’m not trying to sell any product), then walked straight to the shop. It was lunch time when I arrived, a milf opened the door and told me they were busy, come back in 30 minutes, wtf!

Then I decided to try out 645 Blakehurst to get a fs instead. I don’t have a car, so took train and bus, and finally arrived at the place in about half an hour (what a great effort of me). I was a bit surprised that the receptionist was a tall and very young boy, probably Chinese according to his accent. He welcomed me to the waiting room, and after a short while a girl came in and said hello. I asked if there were any other girls available but answer was no. I asked where’s she from, he said Thailand. I got a bit suspicious as I saw a separate price list of ladyboy, but he quickly replied ”no no no, she is a girl”. Well, she did look like a true girl and was actually pretty, so I said fine I would have her. I booked only for 30 minutes though, as I was afraid that the effective period of the delay spray already expired and I was going to come too quickly as my previous embarrassing experiences.

Sorry for so much bullshitting, let’s finally get into topic. The girl’s name was Maya. I guess she had the typical face and skin color of a young and hot Thai girl on street. Her body was short and slim with not very big tits, 158cm, size 6 and B cup according to the brothel’s website. She came back to the room after quick shower, and I guess both of us were a bit shy, or maybe her English was not very good, so she didn’t even say a word, but just smiled at me while taking off her black bra while still had her untie on. I lay down on the bed, she came on the top and straight into action. She firstly gave some light kisses on my face and then down to my nipples. My hands were firstly on her small but cute tits, then sneaked into her untie to stimulate her pussy. But before went to the lower part, she finally spoke to me and asked my age and where I came from. I told her I was 22 and came from mainland China, but when I asked her, she only replied with smile, ”older than you”, I guess she was in her middle or late 20s, still quite young though.

Anyway, she continued kissing and sucking all the way to my dick. She took her untie off, put dom on my little head and prepared to suck. But just before that I carefully asked: You have a very nice pussy, can I….can I just have a taste? She replied yes. SCORE! I worship girls’ pussies and love to taste all of them, so DATY would probably be the most enjoyable part for my punting. But instead of going down on her, we turned into 69 position when she put my dick into her mouth and spread her legs on top of my face. Her pussy smelled good with some flavor of shower gel, so I couldn’t wait to taste. My tongue stared with some up and down moves, and then when I tried to go inside, she started to move her ass up and down, so my tongue went in and out her pussy just like a dick. We continued with this for nearly 10 mins, thankfully the delay spray seemed to work, so I didn’t cum. She was quietly sucking my dick at beginning, but then she suddenly went WILD! Now it wasn’t me licking her, but she was wildly and rapidly riding her wet pussy on my face! She even couldn’t continue sucking my dick, but was moaning loudly, the most genuine and innocent moan I’d ever heard, even sounded a bit like cry but with full of joy. Finally she stopped, I asked did you cum? she said yes, she wasn’t like acting, and it was my first time ever made a woman cum! Such a fantastic moment!

She turned around, still on the top, only rested for a few seconds then put my dick into her pussy. She started riding again, but on my dick this time. It seemed that she was really turned on now and just wanted it even more. So just after my dick got fitted in, she drove it to full speed like she wanted to cum again. I just closed my eyes, listened to her moaning and enjoyed her fucking me so hardly. It was a miracle that I still didn’t cum, but I could hear her already in short breath, so I asked if she’d like to change position. I thought she would lay down, spread her leg and let me enter in mish, but surprisingly she turned her ass to me and wanted me to fuck her in doggy, so I did. We were now facing the mirror on the wall, so I could see myself entering her from the back. I sped up and she moaned even louder, mixed with the sound of my dick rubbing her pussy. But this was only my second time of attempting doggy, so my dick actually slipped out a few times, and it was a bit difficult for me to find the right position to enter again in the dark light. So I asked her to flip as we might be more comfortable in mish position. This time I really tried to cum as I knew the time of our session was up to the end, so I fucked as hard as I could, and felt tired only after a few minutes. But I didn’t stop as she kept moaning loudly and saying yes yes yes, just like she never wanted me to stop, and I just couldn’t help myself kissing her face that looked so enjoyable as I was fucking her. But shit, I still didn’t cum, and I got exhausted. My dick was exhausted as well and became soft. There was less than 5 mins left for our session, so finally she removed the dom and helped me ejaculate by a handjob when I had a little playing with her lovely foot.

We had a little chit chat just before I left, she told me she was also an accounting student at certain uni, don’t know if that’s true. But anyway, I really enjoyed today’s session with this lovely girl Maya and would surely come back to her again. Thanks for reading!